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Spring 2013 Michael Kors Deep Mellow Yellow Rocking Outfit!

=D..✜ Michael Kors SS 2013 ✜

I’m a big fan of Michael Kors! When I saw this pic posted on bcr8tive Pinterest board I was like WOW look at that deep mellow yellow color! I immediately repinned it to my “LadyofColor-MyStyle” board. As an artist I love bright bold colors! Oh yeah I have a “Bold Color” board on Pinterest too! After seeing the awesome mellow yellow outfit I wanted to know how much it cost…whoa…why I wanted to see that and know that seems to always get me into trouble and frustrates me so! Why? Because my pocket book has never seen that kind of “BIG REAL MONEY” tucked inside the hollow folds of its lap for just 3 designer items.

, American fashion designer
, American fashion designer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I braved on over to and my mouth dropped to my computer keys as my mind scrambled to make sense of the unfairs of born into wealth vs. hard work means you retire with good health and just enough money to pay your taxes! Why… why …why Michael does that beautiful Ribbed Wool Sweater cost $895 and the Crepe Circle-Pocket Skirt cost $ 695 and finally the Patent Oval-Buckle Belt cost $425? I have not even added in the shoes or purse or shades..dare I? Totally price of all three…drum roll…$2085 with shipping not included for orders over a $100! The last time I spent around $1500 for clothes was a few years back for a winter wardrobe I got a long leather black Cole Hann coat on sale, a Cole Hann brown leather purse, Cole Hann black patent leather shoes, a two piece Faconnable sports outfit, two Faconnable corduroy pants, one Faconnable black long sleeve turtleneck, 2 sweaters, 2 long sleeve tops, a black trendy long sleeve hooded top, one pair of black slacks and one bottle of Vikotor & Rolf “Flowerbomb” Couture Eau de Parfum. Yes it was a splurge! As the single mother of two …blah …blah …you get the picture…sacrifice…sacrifice…sacrifice…blah blah blah; I needed to splurge and trust me it was time for a wardrobe upgrade, my sales lady and friend was glad to see me that day…but I digress and will get off the rabbit trail of single mom tears.

Michael Kors Store Opening
Michael Kors Store Opening (Photo credit: Urban Mixer)

Well not being deterred I went searching online to see who was carrying some knockoffs of this beautiful yellow mellow spring look…drum roll…no one!  Neiman Marcus (the only designer store that smells like money, I’m serious!), Bergdorf Goodman and all sell the pieces at the same price of course. What to do, what to do? After looking at various shades of mellow yellow sweaters, skirts, belts, shoes and purses online I realized I could come up with a somewhat less expensive outfit but it wouldn’t be the original design of Michael Kors; however, the outfit I assembled together would be my original idea for me and that’s what makes me happy! Below is a simple outfit I assembled online, grand total …drum roll…$177.99…not bad! I probably could get it down lower but you all get my point.

Nordstrom -Topshop Textured Knit Sweater $72
T BY ALEXANDER WANG Knitted stretch-cotton skirt $63
Michael Antonio Women’s Loveme-Satin Pump $29- $49
Yellow Belt $3.99