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Touch Love by T Yoon Mi Rae

Credit goes to Zita Hobson on Daily Motion for this upload.

I just listen to Korean Ost music on Youtube when I am making my Polyvore collages and I just heard this song today and I think it is beautiful. I looked up the singer of this song and found out that T Yoon Mi Rae is Korean’s top female rapper.screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-2-21-31-am

T Yoon Mi Rae has a interesting history she was born in America to a Korean woman an a African American man. Her family move to Korea while she was a child and she experience racism because of her mix heritage. T Yoon Mi Rae is married to Tigar Jk another Korean rapper. She is apart of a Kpop group MFBTY a hip hop group. T Yoon Mi Rae and Tigar Jk website is This girl is a very powerful singer she does many Korean drama OST’s that are number one songs. This song is from the Kdrama “Master’s Sun” starring one of my favorite Korean actress Gong Hyo-jin.


I will upload more of her music so if you want to hear some great music just listen to this song!

[pictures taken off of Google]

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