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My Destiny by Lyn

I am finally watching the Kdrama ” My Love From Another Star” starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun on Dramafever.


This kdrama is not disappointing it has all the elements that I love about Kdrama’s…humor, interesting plot twist, cute Korean flower boys, great angle shots and beautiful cinematography. What I love about Kdrama’s the most is the beautiful OST songs from the kdrama’s. This upload  is from ‘Daily Motion’ it is the original video put out by SBS a South Korean television and radio network that “My Love From Another Star” was broadcast from on December  18, 2012- February 27, 2014. My Love From Another Star was very popular across Asia and received a few television awards.  The upload is the Ost song “My Destiny” by Lyn a South Korean R&B singer.


[Video is credited to uploader on Daily Motion], [Image taken from Google]


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